The MIDI controller for wireless gamepads
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Game controller and MIDITROL iOS App
Let your wireless gamepad be your favorite creative instrument
Send MIDI values

Map all the buttons, triggers and joysticks from your controller to any MIDI value.

Send OSC messages

Control PRO apps remotely on a network with the integrated OSC client.

Make a gamepad band

Connect up to 4 independent gamepads into a single iOS device at the same time.


Low latency and portable controller

Your new favorite MIDI controller

Control your iOS apps with MIDITROL virtual MIDI output or connect your device with a computer to control MacOS software with USB connection or WiFi network.


Flexible MIDI mapping

Send any MIDI value

By default digital buttons send MIDI notes and analog values send MIDI CC values, but you can customize the mapping to send any MIDI value available with adjustable MIDI CC range.

All the new features

Included with MIDITROL 2.0

With iOS 14 Apple has added support for the Xbox Adaptive controller and the Xbox Elite S2 controller. Also has improved support for the DualShock 4 controller with touchpad, 3D rotation sensor and RGB LED drivers. All connected gamepads now include a battery level indicator and custom buttons names for each compatible game controller.

Up to 4 gamepads

Connect up to 4 game controllers into a single iOS device.

Analog and digital

Get access to all the digital and analog values of the gamepad.

Custom mapping

Set any button to send any MIDI note or MIDI CC value.

New icons

Personalized icons for every compatible game controller.

Virtual Out

Control iOS apps with the MIDI virtual output.

Desktop apps

Control desktop software with USB or WiFi connection.

OSC Client

Send OSC messages to servers with the integrated OSC client.

Great controllers

Compatible with DualShock 4, Xbox One and MFi game controllers.

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Controlling multiple intruments with MIDITROL

Live gamepad action